Get and Authenticate Documents
Get and Authenticate Documents
Documents are divided into two parts:

1. Documents for students who are still enrolled at the university.

  -   Students who have registered and submitted fees for a particular semester may request a “Student Acknowledgment” document in Arabic or English stating faculty name, program, and level of study.
 -    A Student who didn’t register, didn’t pay the fees, or postponed study for a particular semester can request a “Sequence of Study” document in Arabic or English to certify that he/ she was registered at the university and was a regular student during a particular semester.
 -    Student can add a specific note to the above mentioned documents such as “student is studying on his/her own expense” or “student is expected to graduate at the end of this semester”.

2. Documents for Alumni (Fresh or old)

 -    All students who have graduated from UJ may request a university certificate and transcript at any time. Also he/she can request a certificate of Good Reputation and Conduct from his/her faculty registrar then head to the Deanship of Student Affairs’ office to print it for official use outside the university.
 -    Issuing and certifying documents require the presence of the concerned individual or a first degree relative with identity verification. Or else, a written authorization from the concerned person will be requested to obtain any document.
 -    A Student or alumnus needs at first to head to the Financial affairs Unit to pay document issuing fees and take the receipt, then head to the faculty registrar to obtain the document.
Fees (JD)
Student Acknowledgment
Sequence of Study
    If a former student at UJ has changed his/her name or part of it, and must obtain new official documents he/she must present a certified copy of the verdict of alteration issued by the Department of Civil Status Affairs, new Birth Certificate, new Civil Affairs Identification Card, then head to the Admission and Registration Unit after paying the fees as stated above. In case of changing the nationality, university regulations does not permit altering the nationality according to which a student was admitted at the very first beginning.
-     Upon the issuance of a document and certifying it by the faculty registrar it must be signed from the concerned director of department and then approved (stamped) with UJ’s official seals from the Documents Authentication Section. Finally, a person may head to the Cultural Counsellor’s office to authenticate the original document and receive several authenticated copies.

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Get and Authenticate Documents