Courses Description
collapse  Faculty of Arts
 expand Department of Arabic
 expand Department of Social Work
Social Work
 expand Department of Geography
 expand Department of History
 expand Department of Philosophy
 expand Department of Psychology
 expand Department of Sociology
collapse  Faculty of Business
 expand Department of Accounting
 expand Department of BUSINESS ECONOMICS
 expand Department of Business Management
Business Management
 expand Department of Finance
 expand Department of Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems
 expand Department of Marketing
 expand Department of Public Administration
Public Administration
collapse  Faculty of Shari’a
 expand Department of Fundamental Principles Of Religion
collapse  Faculty of Educational Sciences
 expand Department of Child Education
Child Education
 expand Department of Library and Information Science
Course Description for the Bachelors Degree in Library and Information Science according to 2014 amendment
 expand Department of Special Education
collapse  Faculty of Law
 expand Department of Law
collapse  Faculty of Physical Education
 expand Department of Physical Education
collapse  Faculty of Arts and Design
 expand Department of Music
 expand Department of Theater arts
 expand Department of Visual Art
Visual Art
collapse  Faculty of International Studies & Political Sciences
 expand Department of Political Sciences
collapse  Faculty of Foreign Languages
 expand Department of ENGLISH LANGUAGE
 expand Department of FRENCH LANGUAGE
 expand Department of GERMAN LANGUAGE
 expand Department of ITALIAN LANGUAGE
 expand Department of KOREAN LANGUAGE
 expand Department of SPANICH LANGUAGE
collapse  Faculty of Archeology & Tourism
 expand Department of Archeology
collapse  Faculty of Science
 expand Department of Biological Sciences
 expand Department of Chemistry
 expand Department of GEOLOGY
 expand Department of Maths
 expand Department of Physics
collapse  Faculty of Agriculture
 expand Department of Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics
 expand Department of Animal Production
 expand Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
Horticulture and Crop Science
 expand Department of Land, Water and Environment
 expand Department of Nutrition and Food Technology
Nutrition and Food Technology
 expand Department of Plant Protection
collapse  Faculty of Engineering
 expand Department of Architectural Engineering
Architectural Engineering
 expand Department of Chemical Engineering
 expand Department of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
 expand Department of Computer Engineering
 expand Department of Eelectrical Engineering
Eelectrical Engineering
 expand Department of Industrial Engineering
 expand Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
 expand Department of Mechatronics Engineering
collapse  King Abdullah II Faculty for Information Technology
 expand Department of Business Information System
Business Information System
 expand Department of Computer Information Systems
 expand Department of COMPUTER SCIENCE
collapse  Faculty of Medicine
 expand Department of Medical Doctor
collapse  Faculty of Nursing
 expand Department of Nursing
collapse  Faculty of Pharmacy
 expand Department of Doctor Of Pharmacy
 expand Department of Pharmacy
collapse  Faculty of Dentistry
 expand Department of Doctor Of Dental Surgery
collapse  Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences
 expand Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics
Orthotics and Prosthetics 2015
 expand Department of Physiotherapy
 expand Department of Hearing and Speech Science
Hearing and Speech Science
 expand Department of Occupational Therapy
 expand Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics
Orthotics and Prosthetics
 expand Department of Physiotherapy
collapse  University Requirements
 expand Department of Obligatory and Elective University Requirements
Obligatory and Elective University Requirements

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