Document Authentication

Document Issuance and Authentication Process

Steps for Issuing Official University Documents for Students at the University of Jordan

(Student Certificate, Academic Transcript, Proof of Registration, etc.)

The process of issuing official documents from the university requires the presence of the person himself/herself or the presence of a close relative (a first degree relative). Otherwise, the university's instructions prohibit the issuance of official documents to anyone other than the individual, except for those with official authorization from the court (notary public) or a bank authorization.

1.        The student should go to the financial affairs at the Admission and Registration Unit, pay the required fees for the needed documents, and obtain a financial receipt as per the following table:

DocumentFee for Regular Students (excluding international program students)Fee for International Program StudentsDocument LanguageNotes
Student Certificate36Arabic/English
Academic Transcript510Arabic/English
Proof of Registration12Arabic/English
Good Conduct Certificate22Arabic/EnglishFor official use outside the University of Jordan, consult the Dean's Office of Student Affairs for printing.


2.        Visit the Document Issuance Counter (Counter No. 1) to obtain the required documents.

•          The student may request a specific note to be added to the issued document, such as (type of admission, successfully completed credit hours, fees, student expected to graduate by the end of the current semester, etc.).

3.        Please consult the Cultural Attaché of the Jordanian Embassy (located at the north gate of the University of Jordan) or the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Jubeiha) for the authentication of the original document and obtaining certified copies as needed.

•          If a graduate of the university has obtained a decision to change any part of their name and wishes to issue new official documents from the university based on the new name, they must bring authenticated copies of (the decision of the Civil Status Department regarding the name change, the new birth certificate, and the Civil Status ID with the new name). Then, they should go to the Admission and Registration Unit after paying the fees as mentioned above. However, changing the nationality of the student, as per university regulations, is not allowed based on the admission record.


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Document Authentication