Transfer to the University of Jordan

A student studying at a Jordanian government university is allowed to transfer to the University of Jordan in the same major accepted at their original university or to a related major if there is a vacancy in that field. This is subject to the following conditions:

  • The student must be accepted at their original university based on the general admission criteria issued by the Higher Education Council (regular program), and their study should be on a regular basis.
  • The student must be of Jordanian nationality.
  • Their high school GPA must be competitively acceptable according to the unified admission lists for the transferred major at the University of Jordan for the year they were accepted at their original university.
  • The student must have successfully completed at least 36 credit hours from their original university's academic plan, and the grades for these courses should not be included in the cumulative GPA calculation at the University.
  • The student should not have received any disciplinary penalties.
  • Transfer to the University of Jordan is allowed once per academic year, and the application period usually occurs between July and August each year, before the start of the first semester.
  • The transferring student must successfully complete at least half of the required graduation credit hours according to the approved academic plan at the time of admission, including at least half of the credit hours from the department's specialization requirements. One semester is deducted from the maximum graduation years for every 15 credit hours transferred.
  • Courses taken at another university are electronically equated by the relevant departments based on the course equivalency guidelines. For more information on equivalency conditions, click here.

Important Notes:

Some majors may be subject to a competitive transfer process.

Students from Jordanian government universities accepted into parallel programs or students from private universities and those studying abroad are not allowed to transfer to the University of Jordan. Instead, they can apply for new admission to the parallel or international program according to the specific program requirements (see the admission criteria for the international parallel program). After being accepted into the parallel program in any desired major (not necessarily the same major studied at another university), they must provide an official transcript from the previous university, whether it is a government or private institution, along with a letter of good conduct proving that the student has not been academically dismissed.

Required documents typically include:

  • Original high school transcript or a certified copy.
  • Original university transcript, certified by the issuing institution.
  • Proof of student status indicating the type of admission according to the general admission criteria issued by the Higher Education Council.
  • Certified copy of the national ID and birth certificate.
  • Good conduct certificate from the university.
  • Financial receipt of five Jordanian dinars as a fee for the transfer application.
  • Course descriptions for the courses taken at the previous university to facilitate and expedite the course equivalency process.




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