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Transfer Between Majors Within the University

Students are allowed to transfer from one major to another, following procedures determined by a committee called the "Students Transfer Committee." This committee is formed by one of the vice presidents, the dean of the college to which the student is transferring, and the director of admissions and registration. The committee reviews transfer requests based on the applicable conditions.


To find out which majors students are eligible to transfer to, please visit the student registration website [reg.ju.edu.jo] (http://reg.ju.edu.jo) and select "Inquiries and Reports" > "Majors Allowed for Transfer."


Application Process for Transfer:

1. The deadlines for submitting transfer applications are announced on the Admission and Registration Unit's website during each academic semester: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

2. Students must log in to the student registration website [reg.ju.edu.jo] (http://reg.ju.edu.jo), navigate to electronic applications, and submit a transfer application during the specified period.


Completion of Transfer Process:

1. Transfer results are announced on the Admission and Registration Unit's website before the start of the following semester.

2. Students whose transfer requests are approved must visit the registrar of their old college to obtain an internal clearance, then visit the registrar of their new college to fill out a credit transfer request.



General Notes:

1. Students are allowed to transfer credits for courses included in their new major's curriculum only.

2. Students have the option not to transfer any course they do not wish to include in their new plan, provided they comply with the repetition rules of the course.

3. The cumulative GPA is calculated for the courses the student chooses to transfer (the GPA is not reset).

4. All academic warnings will be removed, and the first semester after the transfer is considered the student's first enrolled semester.

5. If a student requests not to transfer a course included in the new plan, the student can study the following course if it is a required prerequisite for that course.

6. Students are not allowed to postpone the first semester of enrollment in their new major.

7. Under all circumstances, students are not allowed to transfer more than one time.


Students Not Eligible to Transfer Between Majors:

1. Students who have previously transferred from one major to another, either within the same college or from another college.

2. Students admitted to bridging programs (regular or parallel/international).

3. Students returning from Libyan, Yemeni, and Syrian universities (they are allowed to transfer from a higher major to a lower major only, provided that the student's cumulative GPA at the University of Jordan is not less than 2.00 points).


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